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Photographs of Ancestors

Seven Generations of Tuckers

Joseph Tucker

1859-1922          1877-1952

Rufus Gilbert Tucker     Sylvia Elvira Schilling Tucker
1900- 1955                             1904-1965

Rolan Guynn Tucker (far right)
A Four Generation Photo
Others: Left to right: Martha Alexander Schilling, Christopher Emanuel Schilling, Glenn Tucker in his lap, Sylvia E Schilling Tucker

Rolan Guynn Tucker and Shirley June Cravener Tucker

Glenn A Tucker and wife Mary

Glenn Tucker and his five grandchildren

Chris Tucker and his wife Angela

Ancestors in our lines

Sylvia E Schilling ancestors of Warner Descendants
from Mary Elizabeth Harris ancestry
from her paternal grandmother, Sarah Meriwether Lewis

Colonel Augustine Warner II

Descendants of his daughters:

       Elizabeth                                    Mildred                          Sarah                              Mary                    
 married John Lewis                   married Lawrence            married Lawrence          married John Smith
                                                         Washington                  Townley                      and removed to England
Thomas Jefferson                     George Washington             Robert E Lee              Queen Elizabeth

Meriwether Lewis                                                                                                          Prince Charles

Glenn Tucker & his grandchildren


Glenn Tucker Ancestors

Great Great Great Grandparents


Waller Carr Harris           Mary Francis Brown Harris                             Thurzy Ross     
1820-1866                        and Oscar her brother                                        Alexander          
                                                1823-1884                                                   1810-1889


             Emanuel E Elkin                     Rebecca Brown Elkin               Johannah Sophia Wannerein
                1804-1876                                   1808-1873                          Schilling Rolef
                                                                                                                and her second husband
                                                                                                               Anton Rolef

          Scott Robb                                                Lovina Preston Robb
          1784-1846                                                   1794-1877

Great Great Grandparents

                                                                                                    Second Row from Left
Joseph Tucker    Malinda Brown                                       Christopher Columbus Schilling
1830-1913          1828-1903                                                            1839-1906
                                                                                            Martha Ann Elizabeth Elkin Schilling
                                                                                                            and their children

          Frank Alexander                                Mary  Elizabeth Harris
             1834-1917                                         1848-1941

ca 1910 at the Alexander home north of Burnet, Texas

left to right:  Mary Elizabeth and Franklin Alexander (left) with Sylvia E Schilling, Christopher E Schilling, Ralph Schilling, Martha Ann Alexander Schilling, and Lowell Schilling


William Scott Robb                                    Malinda Thayer Robb
1833-1865                                                   1842-1929
                                                                     and daughter Sarah Rilla Robb Cravener  1861-1939

Great Grandparents

Sylverius E Tucker seated with mustache. His first wife, Harriet Clifton Tucker, is seated to his left. After her death, Sylverius  married Harriet's niece, Emma Louise King, standing back left. Emma and Sylverius had five more children.  Glenn Tucker descends from Emma and Sylverius.
Sylverius: 1859-1922/

Martha Ann Alexander Schilling and Christopher Emanual Schilling.  The child is Ralph Schilling, their older son


                                    Amos William Cravener            
                                       Sarah Rilla Robb                      

        Mary Clint and David O'Brien

Other Family Photos of Interest

Joseph Tucker 1830-1913

Joseph Tucker's house in 2006

Grierson's Raid-William Scott Robb's calvary company helped Grant take Vicksburg

Schilling/Rolef Pioneer house Burnet, Texas ca 1910
This photo was used to design the reconstructed version

Rolef/Schilling house 1980s

Dog Run between two rooms-Rolef/Schilling house 1980s

Rebuilt Rolef/Schilling house 2011
Current owner of property raised and used the materials to build this new structure

Corrected identification: Sophia Wannerein Schilling Rolef on front porch of
Rolef/Schilling pioneer house. Note the family members sitting in the breeze way
in front of the dog run

Browns Cove Headquarters, Albermarle Co, Va
The "B" Browns of Albermarle Co, Va

Brushy Creek Catholic Church Ruins-Yoakum, Texas
James Tucker 1784-1856 buried at site of the earlier parish north  a few hundred yards

St Marys Catholic Parish Halletsville, Texas
on land donated by Bernard Brown
Oldest Catholic Parish in the State of Texas

Inside St Marys

Letter written by William Scott Robb to wife Malinda from prison Confederate Prison Camp
sent under flag of truce

Site of Civil War Battlefield on Bernis Brown's plantation
Wounded were carried to Browns Cove Headquarters
nearby that was used as a hospital after the battle.
This site still shows signs of battle scar from the event

Author found a genealogical book published in the 1880s
describing this exact scene of the trees guarding the burial ground

Amos Cravener, Jr.

Glenn Tucker and second cousin Dan Chance

Joseph Tucker 1830-1913

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